Our new concept is as simple as it is attractive. Introducing you during your very valuable vacations into the exclusive live of yachting. Assembling your trip the way you want. In a breathtaking world of white, clean beaches, crystal clear waters, stunning landscapes. Oh, you like it even more than you could imagine? Then you stay a day longer. We design holidays for explorers not for tourists.

Our Chef prepares your own catch of the day exactly the way you like your fish the most. 

You like to play one golf-course twice? Of course, our on-board team is solving all your requests silently and efficiently.

Most of people can only dream about such an experience. And this for a very attractive and affordable price!

Sustainability And Protection of Our Environment

From the very beginning of the Design and the Construction of the “Princess Katharine” Sustainability was in our focus. Different from the majority of the Cruising industry, blowing tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the air, we wanted to work as environmentally friendly as possible.

  • In close cooperation with our engine-manufacturer, Weichai Group, we decided which of their Marine Engines would match our expectations in performance, power, speed, but also in terms of environmental responsibility. They delivered us the perfect package for our Princess Katharine and I would like to thank them for their incredible support, professional advice and service. With a light Diesel fuel consumption of 18 litres per hour we achieve a record low result. About 3 times lower than the usually operated Maritime heavy waste Diesel engines. Of course we pay also much more for our fuel, but the nature is such an important part of the excitement of our tours, we cannot protect the air, the water and the beaches enough. Sitting outside on one of our decks while cruising, you will have no smell of the exhaust at all. All you breath is the indescribable fresh sea-breath or the wonderful salty wind into your face.

  • We operate our cruises with a Waste-Water system. Meaning, we don’t release waste-water near these wonderful white beaches. We are happy to have the privilege to approach and visit these untouched islands. It is our duty to protect them. Marina-Clubs for luxury Yachts are accepting anyway in the meantime only Ships with a Waste-Water system. Therefore the Princess Katharine can enter any of these high class private Marina’s.

  • Still we can do more. As soon as we used up our plastic mineral-water bottles we will replace them with glass bottles. Soon we will serve our drinks with carton straws instead of plastic. 

  • Our crew is instructed to leave beaches we visited for BBQ, Chilling or Parties completely clean-up. And of course we ask our Passengers to support us in our efforts too.


The Crew

Patrick Max Benkert

Managing Director


Inspired by the world of yachting and sailing, Patrick started to design his own dream, to build the yacht Princess Katharine. With the support of an extremely talented and devoted team of Thai shipbuilders the Princess was completed on the highest standards within exactly 12 months

Jazzy Saengsuksai

HR Manager


Jazzy, with her excellent knowledge of the hotel- and tourism business, is the brain and the driver behind this small, but highly professional team. With her unusual talents for languages she covers the internal and external communication in Thai, English and Chinese language.

Mr. Five

Chef de Cuisine


Our Chef, Mr Five, with 10 years experience cooking in 5 star hotels only, will stun you with Western & Thai Dishes. He purchases personally on the local fresh markets the delicacies for his daily menus.

Mr Chuang



Captain Chuang is a very experienced and highly qualified man. Since 25 years he cruises in the waters of the gulf of Thailand, into international waters. A man who can read the weather, the wind and the sea.

Miss Game

Cruise Manager


Our Cruise Manager is taking care of our passengers and guests – from the check-in to check-out. From Restaurant recommendations to bookings, T-Time reservations and Taxi- or Limo Pick-ups, she is in charge. If you need anything special – she is taking care of it. Miss Game is speaking perfectly English and manages the communication in Thai and English. She is assisting our passengers and guests as a Snorkeling instructor. Her hobby is Diving and she knows all the hot-spots, just happy to share with you.

Mr Mai



He and his father were building with their shipbuilding crew our Princess Katharine. Nobody knows this yacht better than Mai. He is the XO on board. Right hand to the Captain. Permanently present and alert, when ever its needed. Sailing in the Golf of Thailand for 15 years. Strong man, great guy!

Miss Ning



She’s almost invisible, but everywhere. Ning is in charge for House-Keeping, assist in the Kitchen, gives a helping hand, whenever needed. The perfect team-player in a great team which knows each other since so many years.

The Team

Individually strong in what they are doing. And perfect as a Team. Trained for “First Aid” and Rescue Actions by the Marine Department of Thailand. Taking care of our Passengers and Guest during the Cruise to be safe and comfortable.