Koh Wai is a small crescent-shaped island, approximately 45 minutes south of from Koh Chang by slow boat or 20 minutes by speedboat.  This laid back, island paradise is a throwback to another time.  There aren’t any villages, roads, shops or vehicles of any kind.  No ATMs, pharmacies, tailors shops or police station.  There’s also no electricity, power is only from generators.

What Koh Wai does have though are a handful of small, scenic beaches with soft white sand, clear shallow water and snorkelling right off the beach.  A coral reef runs along a lot of the north coast, roughly 40 metres form the shore. It’s the latter which also attracts a lot of tour boats and day-trippers to the island. 

The beaches are concentrated on the north coast.  The vast majority of the coastline elsewhere is rocks and cliffs.  There are a couple of small sandy bays and it is possible to hike over the island, taking the steep trail adjacent to Bungalow #20 at Koh Wai Paradise, through rubber plantations, over the hill and down to Sunset Viewpoint where you can swim.  If you go for sunset head back immediately the sun goes down as it isn’t easy to navigate along an unmarked trail at night.